Writing an impressive resume for International Jobs


Obviously, International Resumes are Different From Domestic Resumes !

Writing an international resume often involves using the same tools as a domestic resume, but the form and content can be different in important ways.

Whether you are looking for your first professional international job after graduating with a master’s degree, or you are applying for your first internship or volunteer position abroad you should be aware that international resumes are different from domestic resumes. For many, the idea of understanding international resumes is to figure out how to write a country specific resume, such as a Korean resume, a Portuguese resume, or an Italian resume. This idea is based on a false premise. You will rarely be applying for international work with an employer based in a foreign country. Ninety-five percent of the international jobs open to entry-level North American university students looking for professional international work will be with North American based employers or international organizations. These employers understand North American resumes styles. But there is a twist.

The Big Difference

International resumes are different from domestic resumes because international employers place more emphasis on your personality. They focus on your international I.Q. They want to know that you will be effective in an international work environment. They are often less concerned with your technical skills.

There are three building blocks to an international resume:
First, you have to build a resume that shows your personality and is organized to match the employer’s “ideal profile.” Second, you need to emphasize your cross-cultural skills, especially in terms of the cross-cultural work environment.
And last, there are a host of smaller details—other differences that are unique to international resumes.

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