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Today’s era is an era of cut-throat competition for the job seekers, and as such, a resume is highly essential to make that first impression to recruiters. It is considered as a vital step before searching a job. Generally, Resumes can be divided into following categories such as:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume
  • Targeted Resume

These categories are briefly discussed as follows:

  • Chronological Resume: Chronological Resumes are considered as the most basic and commonly used Resumes. This particular Resume format is chosen by most of the recruiters today as it displays a rapid snapshot including work history along with recent information.
  • Functional Resume: These types of resumes stress upon one individual’s skills along with experiences. Here, employment history is considered as a secondary segment, and it is followed by the details of one’s skills.
  • Combination Resume: Combination Resumes are associated with both details of one’s skills as well as experience. Its nature is flexible, and this type of resumes depicts a professional detail of an employee. It is mainly used to provide the detailed work experience of a candidate.
  • Targeted Resume: This type of resumes is used to customize the details of a candidate, who are seeking a job. The candidate’s objective, qualification, educational details along with experience- all of these are included in Targeted Resumes.

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