Building an Impeccable Professional Reputation

Highly personalised service to project the unique strengths of your profile

Presenting the Premium Services, an integrated career growth plan that brings together all that you need for your next career move. A great reputation can give you high results, in the form of
job offers, higher salaries, better project assignments and the security of knowing that you'll have somewhere to go when you're ready to move.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

1What is Executive Class Resume?
Executive Class Resumes are the one which are best-in-class globally accepted and crafted intelligently by the Resume Writing Experts. Such resumes helps an individual to build his own brand and value proposition together before moving into job hunt process, so that a clear consistent message is send across all channels. Slapping up a LinkedIn profile, other recruitment portals and job boards, circulating among recruiters, or getting a web portfolio before having the initial branding, targeting and complete work on resume is a mistake.

Employers don’t care that what you want, they want to know what you’ll do for them. What’s important is positioning yourself as a good fit for the employers you’re targeting, based on which current needs of theirs you can help them with. We energize you with what differentiates your unique promise of value from your competitors.
2What is done in Linkedin Profile Makeover?
Linkedin when written strategically, becomes your opportunity to engage with your audience and build your professional brand. LinkedIn is an incredible asset to your professional development.

With state-of-the-art professional LinkedIn profile writers in the team, we can give you a complete LinkedIn makeover that will help you stand out from the crowd. LinkedIn profile optimization takes more than just time. It takes a professional who knows exactly what recruiters are looking for, specific to your industry and how to showcase your strengths in front of them.
3How worth is Resume Distribution to Headhunters?
It is the fastest way to expand your career search and reach job consultants across the globe. This service allows you to reach relevant job consultants hiring in specific functional areas and locations. The resume is sent to the consultants using in-house developed proprietary tool and not through emails that assures delivery straight into recruiters inbox within 48 hours of activation of the service. Post activation, a confirmation email is send to the client for information with the details such as names and locations of the consultant.

Our database of consultants is over 1000+ for various cities in India, Gulf and Middle East cities and major International locations.
4What is Profile Highlighting on Targeted Job Boards?
This is one of the most important and effective job hunting tool that typically contains two components: Completing your profile on the leading job portals highlighting the most significant strengths that you possess, and secondly passing-on the notification of the relevant job opportunities available in the market enabling you to apply for it.

Activation of this service usually takes 25 to 30 days once started. This service is executed by the specialised recruitment consultants who possess decades of experience in headhunting assignments and is done completely in accordance to the employer's applicant tracking system.
5What will I get in Personalised Online Web Portfolio?
Branding is not optional anymore. In a nutshell, branding links your passions, key personal attributes, and driving strengths with your value proposition, in a crystal clear message that differentiates you from your competition and resonates with your target audience. Companies are looking for vitality, good fit, and personal chemistry in executive class candidates. Branding online generates that chemistry and makes you come alive on the digital forum and web page.
6Any more queries?
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. To get your queries answered instantly, you may call us at +91 9889101010 or write to us at